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When you license one of our videos, you get a commitment from us to keep the content up to date.

When something changes in the industry (e.g. Feed-in Tariff rates) we update the video content. If you are showing video on your website, you don’t have to lift a finger – it all happens automatically. If you are using offline copies of the videos, you’ll get need to download the latest version from a link that we’ll send you.

Recent Updates

Solar FiT 01-01-16
Tariff reduced to 12.03p
RHI Biomass 01-01-16
Tariff reduced to 5.14p
RHI Dom 04-03-15
Tariff reduced to 8.93p
RHI Bio 04-03-15
Tariff reduced to 8.93p
Solar FiT 04-03-15
Tariff reduced to 13.39p
GDHIF 04-03-15
New incentive levels
Solar FiT 09-12-14
Tariff reduced to 13.88p
RHI Biomass 09-12-14
Tariff reduced to 10.98p
GDHIF 09-12-14
Revised for 2nd Phase of scheme
Solar FiT 30-06-14
Lower rate amended to 6.38p
RHI Heat Pumps 31-03-14
GSHP example now SPF 3.7
ASHP 31-03-14
Description of refrigerant cycle re-worded for accuracy
Domestic RHI 31-03-14
RHPP section removed (all videos)
Domestic RHI 31-03-14
3rd party system owners removed (all videos)
Domestic RHI 31-03-14
RHPP section removed (all videos)
Feed-in Tariff 31-03-14
Calculation now uses MIS3002 installation standard
Feed-in Tariff 31-03-14
Generation Tariff amended to 14.38p
Feed-in Tariff 01-01-14
Lower rate amended to 6.61p
ECO scheme 18-12-13
Set of changes following government review. more
Feed-in Tariff 04-04-13
Calculation updated to include new 15.44p rate.
Green Deal 28-01-13
Updated to include reference to ECO funding.
Green Deal 27-11-12
The script now includes the line “Look for the ‘Green Deal Approved‘ logo”, and the animation shows the logo on the Assessor’s clipboard.
Heat Pumps 15-10-12
COP figures and temperature ranges revised in line with REA feedback.

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